Every person is unique, so why follow a structured program that does not recognize your unique abilities and challenges? Unlike the one-size-fits-all training methods, my customized coaching programs achieve faster results and are designed to assure your continued success.

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In this book, you will learn five steps for improved time management and productivity. Do you find yourself letting distractions get in the way of your actions? Even actions that will help you bring in new business? When we let distractions get in our way, it costs us time and money. In the OWNyourTIME™ workshop, you will learn to identify those time saboteurs, prioritize your tasks, improve your time-management skills, and consistently set and achieve goals.

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It took me ten chapters to begin writing about procrastination, despite the fact that this was one of the topics that I wanted to tackle first. We all struggle with the “I’ll do it later” syndrome. And there are many reasons why we put things off until another day, month, or year.

The Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University in Canada did an online survey about this tendency. They received 2,700 responses to the following question: “To what extent is procrastination having a negative impact on your happiness?” Almost one person in two (46 percent) said “quite a bit” or “very much.” And around one person in five (18 percent) reported an “extreme negative effect.”

This has certainly been true at times in my career. I was once asked to make two hundred telephone cold calls on a weekly basis. Over the course of seven years I logged about 76,000 calls. I can honestly say that this was the least exciting part of my job. Even though I used to block time to make calls every week, I consistently procrastinated. As a result of not making calls when I should have, my sales numbers began to slump, as did my confidence...


Do you find yourself letting distractions get in the way of your actions? Even actions that will help you bring in new business? When we let little distractions get in our way, it costs us time and money...

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Sales environments have changed. Buyers are more educated than ever before. To be exceptional at selling, we have to adopt a new approach. In this program, the fundamentals of sales are taught...

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Discover techniques for finding balance in a hectic world. Also learn SMARTer™ Goal Mapping: creating a goal map for your life and work is the quickest way to get focused and motivated. This program will help...

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Stephanie Wachman, is the author of OWN your Time; professional time management strategies for a profitable and balanced life. She is a Certified Executive Coach, Author, Speaker and Trainer specializing in helping professionals achieve their goals by tapping into their natural abilities. Her areas of focus include productivity and time management, executive coaching, business development, leadership training, communications and organizational culture change. Stephanie is past-president of the International Coach Federation, Colorado Chapter and lives in Denver...

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  • “Stephanie has a unique ability help you think outside the box, expose blind spots and explore gaps in your career plan. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to take control of their career and move forward.”

    MK in Littleton - CO-Fortune 500 Company

  • “Stephanie initiated in me a confidence to seek out a higher position within my organization. With her creative and intuitive advice, I was promoted from a managing position to a supervisor role. Had I not heeded Stephanie’s guidance, I would most likely not have been recommended to handle a more responsible role in my organization. Stephanie listened to the issues I faced, and helped to guide me to a solution that would benefit my situation. She is incredibly knowledgeable and beyond reliable. I knew that I had instant support when I turned to Stephanie.”

    Dara Papell - HPRP Supervisor, Beyond Shelter, Los Angeles, CA

    Beyond Shelter
  • “After meeting, visiting with and interviewing Stephanie to be a trainer and coach for my team, I expected educational classes with great suggestions for “how to” become better at sales. She delivered much more! Fun, interactive, challenging and very effective. An extremely good investment of time and money. I would recommend Stephanie to our entire corporate team.”

    Tina Donnelly Corporate Executive

    5 Rings Financial
  • “Stephanie has a beautiful personality and she delivers her expertise, knowledge, and skill in a unique and entertaining style. Her passion for what she does infuses the entire course.”

    Dottie Risotto - Financial Advisor

  • “Stephanie’s entire presentation and activities were extremely uplifting. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt that her insights have impacted how I do my job and have not only helped me be more productive but also to be happier. I can’t begin to tell you how much value this type of program has brought to our team.”

    Rachel Bennett, Fedex Sales

  • "Dear Stephanie, I want to thank you for the help, support, confidence and encouragement that you gave me to help prepare for my lecture.  Without your help it would not have been as successful.  You were able to provide me the focus that I was somehow missing. You easily tuned in to the objectives and from there were off and running.   You are an excellent listener and good at what you do.  I really appreciate the service you are providing and wanted to be sure to tell you how much you helped me. Thanks again for your expertise.”

    Debbie S. - Non Profit Executive

  • “Stephanie provided a series of 6 Professional Strength-Based Sales Techniques classes designed to inform, empower and train women new to the arena of sales. Each and every class provided creative and innovative ideas as well as practical and easy to implement strategies. In additional, she connected us with other professionals throughout the process to help us with image, goals and organization and other aspects necessary for the working professional. Stephanie has our highest recommendation for personal or group coaching and training.”

    Tina Donnelly & GEMS Women’s Division

    5 Rings Financial
  • “Stephanie Wachman is an exceptional Time Management instructor. She brings fresh, practical ideas to the proven concepts of identifying priorities, assessing current habits and implementing time blocks. I highly recommend OWNyourTIME to professionals like myself, people who believe they are already well-disciplined in their management of time. You will leave this class equipped to work even more efficiently.”

    Kathie Shandro

  • “Hi Stephanie, Switching the phone off at home has been amazing.  It’s a complete reversal – instead of feeling guilty, I’m now feeling like a good Mum. I’ve also found that when I switch back on after they’re in bed, most nights I realise it can wait until morning.”

    J. Murray



Stephanie’s flagship OWN Your Time, keynote shows participants how to be more productive at work and achieve maximum results in minimum time. This keynote is specifically designed for business professionals who are looking to increase revenue and find balance in their lives with improved time management.

In order to excel in a crazy busy work environment, your teams need to develop new strategies to manage their time. Teams at organizations such as FedEx, KPMG, University of Colorado Hospital and Ingram Micro have participated in such keynotes. Through the Own Your Time, training programs, Stephanie Wachman has helped these and many other enterprises grow their bottom line while helping employees achieve work/life balance.

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Law schools are great at preparing lawyers to practice law, but a thriving and successful practice is also determined by how effectively you can bring in, grow and keep business. Coaching around Business Development for lawyers is a very effective way to enhance your practice and bring in more revenue. I have helped 100s of lawyers over the years grow their careers, improve their networking and enhance their bottom line.

Helping Attorneys Grow Their Practice


“Stephanie. As I mentioned to you a week or so ago, I was on track to hit 1 million in originations this year. Today happened to be the day when I passed that milestone. It has been a real pleasure working with you over the last few years. Your help with networking, marketing and time management have made a real and palpable difference in my life and my law practice. A few years ago, hitting a goal like this seemed unreal, but I am here today in no small part because of all the help you've given me.”

Billy J. - Litigator, Colorado


With larger projects, such as working with clients on corporate culture, 360s and sizeable executive coaching teams, Stephanie partners with experienced coaches who follow the same frameworks and methodologies.

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Executive Coach

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Lynn Wachman

Lynn Wachman

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Julie G. Holunga

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Why I Became an Executive Coach

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  • Why I became an Executive Coach

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Networking is Not Selling

Networking events are typically the dreaded means to an end for most business professionals.  How often have you asked yourself if you really need to go? Most of my clients have the “I hate networking mindset”.  They despise the whole “salesy marketing” impersonal feeling they get when they go to a function.  In fact, I […]

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LAWsomepodcast Ep3 Stephanie Wachman

In this episode, we’re focusing on productivity in your law firm, the busy-ness of business, and how stopping something could be the start of something great! We discuss time management as we review an article from Forbes.com, and we get into productivity and how lawyers can start owning their time, with legal business coach Stephanie Wachman.

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Time Management Tips for Lawyers

By: Stephanie Wachman Tired of being overworked? Decrease stress and increase your billable hours with these simple tips to easily manage your work and time. Being a professional lawyer means time is your most valuable asset. However, multiple distractions, multi-tasking and not adhering to a schedule can eat up a lot of your time on […]

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