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Stephanie’s flagship OWN Your Time,  keynote shows participants how to be more productive at work and achieve maximum results in minimum time. This keynote is specifically designed for business professionals who are looking to increase revenue and find balance in their lives with improved time management.



In order to excel in a crazy busy work environment, your teams need to develop new strategies to manage their time. Teams at organizations such as FedEx, KPMG, University of Colorado Hospital and Ingram Micro have participated in such keynotes. Through the  Own Your Time, training programs, Stephanie Wachman has helped these and many other enterprises grow their bottom line while helping employees achieve work/life balance.

“Thank you so much for presenting at our Executive breakfast.
Our members and their guests had only positive feedback.
I even had one member tell me that your meeting made his dues
for the year all worth it. That says a lot!”

~ Carrie ~

Other Topics Presented by Stephanie:

How to sell your services without selling: 

Networking events are typically the dreaded means to an end for most business professionals.  How often have you asked yourself if you really need to go?  Networking is not selling and to grow your practice you actually need to stop selling and focus on building relationships to expand your network. In this talk, Stephanie will give you tips and tools to improve your relationship building skills and share with you techniques to grow your active network.

How to pitch yourself and your practice:

The dreaded question at a networking event, “So what do you do?”  “What does your firm do?” Answering the question of what you do can be uncomfortable, especially if you have a few areas of expertise.  In this talk, Stephanie will guide you through responses to that question and prepare you for any opportunity to pitch yourself and your firm.  This will be an interactive talk, so be prepared to participate.

Presentation length:

Minimum of 1 hour
Workshop trainings approximately 3 hours

For inquiries about booking Stephanie for speaking engagements or training engagement, please email anna.arvanetaki@coachinglifeinbalance.com or stephanie@coachinglifeinbalance.com.

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