Improve Performance and Productivity with Feedback

How Critical Feedback Enhances Employee Performance If you want to improve workplace productivity, you might consider revamping your organization’s approach to giving critical feedback. Research suggests that companies can experience productivity declines in the double digits when difficult conversations are avoided. Improved performance along with the opportunity for the development of great employees and future […]

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3 Steps to Improve Productivity and Increase Billable Hours

How to Increase Your Productivity and Make More Money We spend so much of our time responding to emails and texts throughout our day that we sometimes wonder where our time has gone.  To make matters worse, because we are checking our emails upwards of 86 times a day, we don’t have enough focused time […]

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How to Increase Productivity by Reducing Mental Clutter

A recent study found that we check our smartphones up to 86 times per day, and for some of us, every six minutes. The Center for Creative Leadership conducted a study in 2014 and found that checking our devices that frequently increases our workweek to about 72 hours. In other words, we are also distracting […]

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Why Delegating is So Hard and So Necessary

If you are a business owner, chances are, you have done everything by yourself for many years. However, it gets to the point when you become so preoccupied doing everything yourself...

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Need to Be More Productive? Say NO to Working Long Hours.

Time management takes discipline, control and repetition. Sadly, the odds are overwhelmingly against us and we will likely fail several times in our attempts to master it. But this is a good thing! Why?...

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