What is Executive Coaching?

I am frequently asked about what Executive Coaching is and how it differs from training, consulting, motivational workshops and therapy.

In a nutshell, Executive Coaching is a leadership development program that is custom tailored to an individual’s strengths and business objectives.   As opposed to training workshops and motivational seminars, coaching takes place over time. Coaching engagements happen over a 3-6 month period so that the individual has time to learn and implement new behaviors.

All too often, we get excited after a terrific training workshop and get back to our office with the intent of putting into play all that we had learned, only to revert to our old habits and behaviors.

Coaching helps you move to the next level

Most coaching clients are successful in their jobs, and many have been promoted or are on track for a promotion.  Often the skills and abilities that helped them to get promoted are no longer as useful in a new position.

As a result individuals are unsure about what to do next.  This is when coaching is extremely effective.  It helps newly promoted individuals make the shift to their new role and start to develop the skills that are required for their new position.

I always ask my newly promoted clients to pick one behavior they would like to work on and develop a plan on how they can achieve their goal.  For example, before I went into coaching, I was promoted to Business Development for a Fortune 500 company and I was a terrible listener.  I was always waiting to talk and start selling, so when I started working with my coach, I made it clear that I wanted to improve my listening skills.  Together we developed a plan that consisted of taking a pause before visiting with any client to remind myself to listen, I would then repeat back to my clients what they had suggested was important to them (this showed them that I was listening and helped me pay closer attention) and lastly I would take notes and highlight key points in order to stay actively engaged.

It’s very difficult to work on too many behavioral issues at once, so picking one or two at a time makes the task manageable and will help you be successful.

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