The Art Of Delegating

How can properly delegating actually make my company money?

If you are a business owner, chances are, you have done everything by yourself for many years.  However, it gets to the point when you become so preoccupied doing everything yourself, that you lose sight of how to achieve or plan for even greater goals because you’ve simply run out of capacity.

Further, your daily tasks, take you away from your unique talents, areas of work which you naturally excel at and are passionate about.  These areas are typically the ones that you used at the beginning of your career.  If you can get back to what you are most passionate about then you will naturally tap into the area of your vision that will financially grow your business.

When I delegate, nothing get done right.  Why is that?

Prepare to delegate. This should be taken seriously and not as an afterthought.

If you don’t take the time to explain the task and think it’s easier to just do it yourself, then you will always have too much work on your plate.  Take the time upfront to explain what needs to get done and in the end you will free your time up.  Research shows that employees become disengaged and unmotivated when managers don’t delegate effectively.

Understand that they will mistakes.

• If you are a perfectionist. Be aware that you need to manage yourself first.  It is rare that another person will do a task exactly the same way as you, but focus on the outcome and not always the process.

It takes more time to delegate then to do it myself?

If you delegate and the work is not done correctly, ask yourself what kind of communicator you are. A great delegater has to be a great communicator and you need to know what to delegate.

• Delegate the tasks you have to do all the time
if you understand them well and know what the outcome is, and then it will be easy to communicate that to your employee.

• Delegate a less-than-essential task that requires skills you don’t currently have.
Learning new skills takes time, if your employee has the right skills to complete a task, than hand it over for them to do.

• Delegate tasks that don’t have immediate deadlines.
Researching materials for blogs, newsletters, interesting report that pertains to your business are all good examples.

Delegate a task to an employee who has shown a particular interest in it.
If you have an employee that has a degree in a certain area or an expertise from past work experience, then give them an opportunity to show you their stuff so long as it pertains to your business.

Delegate a task to an employee who needs to develop a skill in that area.
If you have an employee who has lots of potential and wants to grow in his/her career but is weak in an area, then delegate tasks that could help them to develop a new skill that will benefit them.  I.e.) running a meeting, calling on customers etc.

What is a delegation agenda and how will it help my business?
A weekly meeting on the same day each week where you go over the prior week’s delegation tasks and you get and give feedback from your employee.  Use a delegation worksheet (below) and create a binder to put it in, so you can track weekly progress.

  • Write an agenda of all the tasks you want accomplished.
  • Set deadlines that you both agree upon for accomplishing tasks.
  • If they need authority, give it to them and let the other employees know that he/she is responsible for the project and needs their cooperation.
  • If they need a budget to do a task, give them spending authority and all the other tools they may need to finish the job.

How do I get honest feedback from my employee(s) that they understand and can do what I am asking of them?
Weekly meetings, these meetings provide the time for your employee to work with you one-on-one to get questions answered and to receive positive feedback as to what is going well and what needs to be improved upon.

Delegation is about improving your work/life balance and developing employees.  Truly a win/win situation if done right.

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