7 Steps to S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goal Setting

“It’s all about the concentration, the focus, and it all goes back to the training,”

Nick Wallenda                                                                                                                       

Inspiration comes in all forms. How often do we achieve a lofty goal like getting an MBA, a promotion, running a marathon, graduating from college only to find ourselves without future goals? So what happens? Absolutely nothing! People in all ranks of business simply get stuck where they are with their biggest annual goal, perhaps to go on a vacation.

If you ever wonder why some people are more focused, positive and confident, chances are they are goal setters. By setting goals and developing a plan to stick to them, accomplishments are achieved. Each accomplishment moves us forward and like interest in a bank, adds more and more confidence to our personal bank accounts.

I recently watched Nick Wallenda, a tight rope walker cross the Niagara Falls. He said it was his biggest dream to conquer. In order to achieve this goal he had to train, build a customized tight rope, obtain legal approval in 2 countries and get  sponsorship.

If Nick Wallenda can dream a dream so great and achieve it, what can you do? 

The SMARTERgoal™ system is designed to help you get started on your own lofty goal.

1)      Specific: Have a specific goal in mind.

2)      Measurable: Make sure you can work towards achieving that goal.

3)      Attainable: The goal needs to be something you have the power to do.

4)      Realistic: Ask yourself if it is really possible to achieve your goal.

5)     Timely: (MOST IMPORTANT) Set a time limit as to when you want to achieve  the  goal and find a way to be held accountable to it.

6)      Exciting: A goal should be exciting and boost your spirits.

7)      Reach: A really good goal should make you stretch your abilities, even scare you a bit and take you out of your comfort zone.

Nick Wallenda had a huge dream, he met all the criteria of a SMARTERgoal™. His accomplishment in crossing the Niagara Falls was exciting and in a statement to Canadian customs agents, he said, “The purpose of my journey was to inspire people around the world to follow their dream.”

His next big Goal, crossing the Grand Canyon

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