OWNyourTIME™ Time Management Workshop:

Do you find yourself letting distractions get in the way of your actions? Even actions that will ultimately help you, like sticking with phone blocks, calling new prospects, or creating programs that will ultimately bring in new business? When we let distractions get in our way, it costs us valuable time and money. In the OWNyourTIME™ workshop, you will learn to identify those time saboteurs, prioritize your tasks, improve your time management skills, and consistently set and achieve goals.


A 3 hour Time and Productivity Workshop designed to make you think differently about how you manage your time and your life.  In this workshop, you will learn 5 key steps for improved time management and productivity. Step 1: The Picture of Your Practice revolves around doing away with old behaviors and recreating your work/life schedule. Step 2: Identify and Group Tasks  learn how to organize your To Dos so that you are more efficient with your time. Step 3: Understand the meaning of Time so that you can have a clear-cut understanding of the length and time commitment necessary to accomplish any task. Step 4: Define times of Peak Performance and learn to incorporate them into your schedule. Step 5: Managing distractions and tools for controlling multi-tasking.  This is one of the most important steps to learn because the more we multi-task the less effective we become.

  • “Stephanie’s entire presentation and activities were extremely helpful.  After taking her workshop I was able to get more productive, increase my sales and find more time for my family.”

    Robin May

  • “Stephanie Wachman is an exceptional Time Management instructor. She brings fresh, practical ideas to the proven concepts of identifying priorities, assessing current habits and implementing time blocks. I highly recommend OWNyourTIME to professionals like myself, people who believe they are already well-disciplined in their management of time. You will leave this class equipped to work even more efficiently.”

    Kathie Shandro - Real Estate Agent

  • “I attended a Time Management workshop led by Stephanie and finally think I have the knowledge to help myself gain productive time each day. Thanks, Stephanie.”

    Mary Fabrikant, Owner

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