Sales environments have changed. Buyers are more educated than ever before. To be exceptional at selling, we have to adopt a new approach. In this program, the fundamentals of sales are taught. These include: prospecting, cold calling, pipeline development, needs assessment, sales cycles, presentation skills, networking, objecting handling, closing techniques, objection handling and referral development.

Strategies for Closing & Handling Objections – 3 hrs:

Introduction: Closing is the best part of sales, but it can also be the most stressful. Often a sale is lost simply because it is never asked for. Objections are also part of the closing process. Learning to close sales and handle objections in a professional manner will increase the chances of winning more business in the future.

“Closing Skills” focuses directly on getting that “Yes!” when you need it most.

Course Overview: Objections may be raised throughout the sale but are most evident at the closing stage. Attendees learn to identify whether the objections raised are real or not. We then focus on how to handle a real objection to encourage a positive result.

Participants will learn to:

  • Use proven closing strategies, by role playing (best method to ensure success).
  • Identify buying cues to determine the perfect time and method to close.
  • Anticipate and answer objections to avoid disrupting the sales process.
  • Identify buyer motivation in order to discuss the features, advantages and benefits that buyers care about.
  • Develop transitional techniques in order to close seamlessly.
  • Listen closely to client objections to change them into closing offers.

The workshop concludes with the participants discussing what they have learned and developing individual action plans that will ensure a change of behavior in the workplace.

  • “Stephanie provided a series of 6 Professional Strength Based Sales Technique classes designed to inform, empower and train new sales people. Each and every class provided creative and innovative ideas as well as practical and easy to implement strategies. In addition, she connected us with other professionals throughout the process to help us with image, goals and organization and other aspects necessary for the working professional. Stephanie has our highest recommendation for personal or group coaching and training. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in the art of sales. She is well versed in personalities and learning styles and makes learning easy and enjoyable for everyone. And, to top it all off, she’s funny and entertaining, which makes a learning environment even more pleasurable. Thank you, Stephanie, we all loved our time with you!”

    Tina Donnelly - GEMS Women’s Division

  • “Stephanie has a beautiful personality and she delivers her expertise, knowledge, and skill in a unique and entertaining style. Her passion for what she does infuses the entire course.”

    Dottie Risotto - Financial Advisor

  • “Stephanie exceeded my expectations; as week after week we were able to develop new skills that built upon the ones learned in earlier weeks to make our time with clients or potential clients more effective.  Stephanie helped me to build by strengths and strengthen my weaknesses.”

    Laura Bennet

  • “I expected to be able to build skills on my natural talents. I wanted to raise my awareness of what I am working to accomplish and add value. I believe I have now accomplished that. The training touched me emotionally as well as the technical skills required to be successful.”

    Susan M. Whal - Corporate Executive

  • “Stephanie came to our team meeting and conducted a great work life balance workshop. It really helped me think about my priorities both in my personal and my business life. I came away from the workshop with renewed energy and a more positive outlook on my life. I would highly recommend this workshop for sales teams that are struggling with prioritizing and time management. She had great follow up conversations that kept us on track.”

    Robin May - Business Development Executive

  • “Stephanie’s entire presentation and activities were extremely uplifting. Over the past few weeks, I’ve felt that her insights have impacted how I do my job and have not only helped me be more productive but also to be happier.  I can’t begin to tell -you how much value this type of program has brought to our team.”

    Rachel Bennett

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