Work/life balance training brings out the best in professionals. The four-hour workshop is divided into three categories:

1. Work/Life Balance

Discover techniques for finding balance in a hectic world. Also learn SMARTer™ Goal Mapping: creating a goal map for your life and work is the quickest way to get focused and motivated. This program will help participants create momentum and achieve lasting sustainable results. The Wheel of Life is a popular exercise that gives participants an overview of their life and career.

2. Saboteur Awareness & Management Techniques

Learn techniques to deal with self-doubt and self-sabotage when things are not going your way, or to prevent demoralizing behavior from getting in the way of your success.

  • Identifying the voice of the saboteur
  • Drawing and naming your saboteur
  • Tools on how to manage and control your gremlin

3. My Future Self

Workshop on creating a long-term vision that combines practical exercises with team work. Understanding goals and commitments are the keys to a successful program and participants will be encouraged to develop accountability partnerships.


Studies have shown that the biggest reason for waning enthusiasm is a lack of goal setting. The OWNyourGOALS™ workshop will help you ensure a bigger future by writing down, visualizing and committing to your goals.

OWNyourGOALS™ by the end of this series you will:

  • Have a clear vision of your future
  • Put a one-year goal in writing
  • Develop quarterly strategies to achieve goals
  • Learn to track your goals and achievements
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