My Mission

Every person is unique, so why follow a structured program that does not recognize your unique abilities and challenges? Unlike the one-size-fits-all training methods, my customized coaching programs achieve faster results and are designed to assure your continued success.

What makes my programs unique?

My training and coaching programs are custom designed, delivering a solution tailored to you or your company’s specific needs. My programs offer a component often not included in typical coaching workshops: work/life balance training. Managers who implement successful work/life balance training programs are more likely to increase employee retention, commitment, and productivity.

Training programs often don’t work for the long run. People return to old habits. As the Harvard Graduate School of Education has noted, old behaviors usually (77 percent of the time) return.

These sorts of challenges are very common in business. I’ve learned that most training programs fail because “you simply can’t download information and achieve an immediate change.”

The fact is that change is achieved over time. That’s why the seamless combination of coaching with training can be so effective. As a coach, I constantly hold my clients accountable to the changes they want to make until change is successfully achieved. That is what sales and executive coaching is about.

  • “Stephanie’s entire presentation and activities were extremely uplifting. Her insights have impacted how I do my job and have helped me be more productive and happy.  I can’t begin to tell you how much value this program has brought to our team.”

    Rachel Bennett

  • “The training touched me emotionally and gave me the technical skills required to be successful.”

    Susan M. Whal - Corporate Executive

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