Stop Sabotaging Yourself

by Stephanie Wachman on 09/13/11

Coaches are trained to listen for self-sabotage. Saboteurs are nasty little worms that we allow to get in our head and tell us what we can’t do or why we shouldn’t do something.
If we listen to the voice of our saboteur, we can never move forward and have new experiences and positive outcomes. Don’t let your saboteur be your business manager.

Listed below are a few ways we sabotage ourselves:

  1. Telling yourself you are not good enough.
  2. Not even trying to do something new.
  3. Calling yourself a failure.
  4. Giving up to soon.
  5. Blaming others for your problems.
  6. Acting like a child and pitying yourself.
  7. Always being in denial.
  8. Procrastinating on important issues.
  9. Judging others.
  10. Comparing you to other people.

To overcome the power of self-sabotage, think positive thoughts, believe in your own possibilities. Ask yourself is this my natural self-talking or the voice of my saboteur?

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