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Executive Coaching is aimed to inspire business professionals to make individual and team behavioral changes in order to improve business results and performance. My executive coaching practice involves one-to-one meetings that are 30-45 minutes in length, done by phone or in person. The focus of these coaching sessions is based on each client’s unique set of circumstances, goals, abilities and interests. I work collaboratively with the client to define goals and develop a plan to attain those goals.  As a coach, the key to success is holding my clients accountable for the changes they wish to make.

Some common challenges that my executive clients face include:

  • Time management
  • Conflict Management
  • Poor communication skills
  • Leadership skills development in new position
  • Poor self-confidence
  • Work/life imbalance
  • Health issues caused by stress
  • Challenges such as promotions, hiring, taking on new responsibilities
  • Building trust in teams and having difficult conversation’s
  • “When efforts to change yourself, your team, or your company have failed—when you are frustrated or burned out—a coach can be the outside expert to help you get to the root cause and make fundamental changes.”

    As a professional service, coaching consistently delivers a high return on investment and can be a powerful partner in helping you achieve far greater levels of success, happiness and fulfillment. (International Coaching Federation ICF studies have shown a 98.5% client satisfaction rate.)

    “Stephanie has a unique ability help you think outside the box, expose blind spots and explore gaps in my career plan. I would recommend her to anyone who would like to take control of their career and move forward.”

    MK in Littleton - CO-Fortune 500 Company

  • “Stephanie initiated in me a confidence to seek out a higher position within my organization. With her creative and intuitive advice, I was promoted from a managing position to a supervisor role. Had I not heeded Stephanie’s guidance, I would most likely not have been recommended to handle a more responsible role in my organization. Stephanie listened to the issues I faced, and helped to guide me to a solution that would benefit my situation. She is incredibly knowledgeable and beyond reliable. I knew that I had instant support when I turned to Stephanie.”

    Dara Papell HPRP – Supervisor - Beyond Shelter, Los Angeles

  • “My work with Stephanie was incredible. She identifies and gets straight to the heart of any issue quicker than anyone I’ve ever met, showing you she cares and challenging you simultaneously. I appreciate how she guided me to great results in the shortest time possible. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

    Joe Almon, CFA

  • “Stephanie creates a safe environment where I can openly discuss my issues and challenges.  She works with me to create a work/life balance plan that I can stick to because she holds me accountable.”

    JC - District Manager

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