11 Steps To Selling With Strength

1. Create trust by building rapport. Relationship building is the most important part of the sales cycle.  If the prospect does not feel they can trust you then chances are you won’t get the sale and if you do it will be at risk. 2. Stay current. Trends, technology, news, sports and current events are […]

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Networking Skills For Entrepreneurs

Being a small business owner I rely heavily on my 20 years of experience in professional sales to prepare me for networking.   After attending numerous events it became clear that many entrepreneurs are unsure of how to network to get the best results.  As a result, I developed some basic skills that will help them get leads and […]

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Controlled Imbalance

by Stephanie Wachman on 06/09/11 The other day I had a dr. appointment and parked my car in a garage. When I got back, my car would not start. I began to panic. I had a lot of work to do and deadlines that needed to be met. I actually planned my work schedule for […]

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself

by Stephanie Wachman on 09/13/11 Coaches are trained to listen for self-sabotage. Saboteurs are nasty little worms that we allow to get in our head and tell us what we can’t do or why we shouldn’t do something. If we listen to the voice of our saboteur, we can never move forward and have new experiences […]

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