Law Firm Retreat

Annual retreats are one of our specialties.

We have been presenting and facilitating for many years. Some of our topics include:

Own Your Time™: Time Management for a profitable and balanced life, Based on the successful book written by Life In Balance founder Stephanie Wachman, OWN your Time can be delivered as a 1-hour keynote or a 2.5 hour workshop. This interactive presentation equips attendees with the tools, knowledge, insights and skills they need to make them more effective, less stressed, organized and productive at work and home.

Bonus: Each participant will get a copy of the book and a workbook.

Grow your practice, by understanding your existing clients.

80% of future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing clients.

In this 1-hour interactive talk, we look at best practices, strategies and unique approaches to growing a legal practice by working with existing clients. At the end of the workshop, attorneys will have learned a new approach to growing their practice organically instead of always having to find new business.

Millennials, understanding and appreciating the gender gap.

Businesses today have many different generations living under one roof. In this talk, we will help you understand this next generation of leaders to move beyond misconceptions, and learn how to motivate them to produce significant results for your firm. Participants will learn the differences between the 3 generations in today’s workforce, and tactics on how to engage them.

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