Individual Coaching

Executive and business coaching is a one-on-one supportive relationship between the client and the coach. Together we will work on identifying your professional and personal goals and then establish a strategy and action plan to achieve them specifically by holding you accountable each step of the way.

The individual coaching will not only focus on what your specific goals are but also will emphasize core business development competencies such as:

  • Building an annual realistic business plan based off the LIB- Proprietary Model
  • How to get comfortable with your personal introduction
  • How to market both internally (cross selling) and externally
  • How to generate more business from existing clients
  • The benefits of calling on dormant clients and identifying other low hanging fruit
  • Identifying potential new clients and referral sources
  • Learning how to comfortably ask for the business
  • Own Your Time ™: Time Management for business and revenue growth
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