9 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills

We remember

only about 25-50% of what we hear: That means that when you talk to your clients, colleagues, or spouse for 10 minutes, they pay attention to less than half of the conversation and so do you.

9 Tips to Effective & Active Listening Skills

  1. Don’t wait to talk.
  2. Ask yourself if you are taking center stage
  3. Never interrupt or talk over someone
  4. Use body language
  5. Ask follow-up questions
  6. Refocus if you mind wanders
  7. Don’t look at your cellphone
  8. Sympathetic summary in your own words
  9. Use body language: nod your head, show facial expression

**Sales CoachingTip:

Great questions + Active Listening + Sympathetic Summarizing= Sales

Stephanie Wachman, Executive Coach and owner of Life In Balance,

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